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Med2Heal is a respected German medical tourism agency that arranges quick access to medical treatments in Germany for patients from abroad. As the leading expert in medical travel to Germany, we understand the demands of modern life and the value of time so it is our goal to get you to your required medical treatment as soon as possible.

Through Med2Heal’s large expert network, you will be able to quickly gain access to the leading medical experts and best state-of-the-art facilities Germany has to offer whilst receiving the best value for money and avoiding unnecessary waiting times.

Our main offices are located in Frankfurt, Berlin, Bonn and Munich, however our professional network covers all of Germany – not just one region. To promptly receive the best medical treatment in Germany for any health condition or concern, Med2Heal is your ideal partner.

The Med2Heal Management Team:
Gerrit Wein · Alexander Zugsbradl

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Medical Navigator

Medical Navigator This noncommittal application form helps you to specify your initial request and gives Med2Heal an overview about your medical condition and individually desired services. The Medical Navigator is your first step to get in touch with us easily and comfortably from home.

Range of Service

Range of Service We recommend patients to an excellent network of leading partner hospitals & clinics in Germany. In addition, Med2Heal covers all services supplementary to your medical treatment including travel, accommodation, sightseeing tours etc. All the services we offer are listed in the services chart.

Expertise & Excellence

Expertise & Excellence Know-how, experience and top performance in medical travel are important and are always capable of improvement. Therefore, we are constantly reviewing and enhancing our services to ensure we meet your high expectations. You can be confident in the quality of our client orientated services.